Testing Services

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Testing Services

Tests that Reveal the Truth

GNTS's Testing Services aim to give you a truthful picture of your applications plus points, security vulnerabilities, user interface flaws and performance metrics under peak load. We do this with scientific testing tools, trained testers and beta testing using real target groups. We research and invest in new technologies to quickly adopt the latest testing advances.

Functional Testing

Once you've developed a software, it makes sense to test all its functions before deploying it into the marketplace. We offer unbiased, expert testers who will check every function of software that your team has deployed from multiple angles and will provide a detailed and comprehensive action plan to rectify areas of improvement discovered. Our functional testers will test the

  •   Programs function as per spec
  •   User Interface Aspects UX/UI
  •   On-page SEO compliance
  •   Security vulnerabilities

Performance Testing

We understand that developers typically build working applications that can cope with nominal to moderate load. But are your systems ready to cope with an upswing in traffic due to your latest ad campaign? We can find out your system's ability to scale and cope with peak load without crashing. What's more, our expertise in building enterprise applications allows us to propose cost-effective and easy to implement fixes in the form of a report that outlines every aspect of your system.

Test automation services

We understand your need to reduce testing costs while persistently enhancing quality and deployment of new functionality. We work to rapidly understand your test requirements and automate performance management throughout the application life-cycle. We use institutionalized processes and interfaces for consistent, quick and reliable responses.

Digital Marketing Testing

Make sure that your digital ad spend is delivering. Test the deliverability, effectiveness and reach of your digital campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and other popular platforms for cents instead of dollars. If you run Display ad campaigns, re-marketing campaigns and PPC campaigns, we can help you test the effectiveness.

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