Product Engineering Services

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Product Engineering

Engineer Innovative Products

We develop top notch software products across the whole spectrum of development technologies, tools, approaches and environments, to become a true extending arm of your in-house team. Our ideal is to Build-Operate and Transfer software projects to you based on the features that are requested

If you are an Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) we can help you win by adopting Social, Mobile, Cloud technologies to drive innovation, accelerate development and cut cost. At GNTS, we help organizations to become more competitive and responsive to changing market with our product engineering services.

Software Development Methodology

While most software firms still work by the Waterfall model of software development or even the Segmented Waterfall, we have completely transformed to an Agile environment. This allows all code written to be committed on a daily basis and the changes are reflected in the webservices modules instantly. The Agile model allows us to add and remove modules to software as and when business rules changes. The key benefits are

  •   Working software is delivered every few weeks rather than months
  •   We emphasize people and communication in addition to tools and processes
  •   Clients, programmers and testers are required to regularly interact with one another
  •   Very late additions to the requirements are welcomed rather than rejected

Waterfall Model

However the waterfall model still has its place. We use it in applications that require very strict business rules to be followed, typically in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors. In these cases our dedicated Business Analysts work very closely to frame requirements and to document every use-case scenario well before development begins and to validate requirements upon delivery.

Global Delivery Model

Using the global delivery model which is the gold standard of the industry, we offer flexible customer centric engagement methods to improve time-to-market. Simultaneously, we reduce total cost of ownership using our in-house tools and processes for high transparency and performance. The global delivery model ensures that while planning and agreement takes place during the client hours, development and implementation takes place during the developer's timezone. Daily status meetings and calls with the team ensure that the project stays on track and course corrections occur naturally. It is estimated that the global delivery model has reduced the time-to-market of all IT projects developed by 30% just by virtue of timezone savings.