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Internet of Things

Globally, there is a dearth of seasoned software companies that can handle projects in the Internet of Things domain. At GNTS, we have made the fullest use of our locational advantages to become a leader in this sphere. Our HQ and our global delivery center are located in cities renowned for cutting edge manufacturing, education and tourism. This has given us access to both the talent and opportunity to become a pioneer in the sphere of IoT.

The possibilities surrounding Internet of Things are endless. Here's a shortlist of projects that we have done or are currently doing for our clients. Please feel free if you have a specific use-case and we would be happy to frame a custom solution for you

  •   NFC security rings that double as keyless entry systems for safes and cars
  •   RFID asset tracking systems used to manage inventory storage in warehouses
  •   RFID Route optimization systems to enable quick delivery and save fuel for fleets of delivery trucks
  •   Raspberry Pi enabled devices for microcomputing applications at Point-of-Use such as event triggered launch of equipment such as speakers, projectors
  •   Raspberry Pi interfaced devices that communicate with embedded systems and allow them to be networked on a factory floor
  •   Home automation systems
  •   Remote Monitoring systems to create secure premises using IP cameras for monitoring backed by mobile apps for on-demand control
  •   Factory Floor automation systems including personnel management and secure access services
  •   Biometric security systems that are triggered and compatible with all the latest wireless technology such as NFC, IR, Bluetooth, etc
  •   Patient monitoring systems for out-patients that can monitor and communicate patient vitals including heart rate, insulin pump function, temperature and blood pressure.

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