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The insurance industry has traditionally been one step behind the banking industry in adopting the latest in the technology spaces. When CTOs of popular banks were polled, they identified the Insurance divisions as the next target for infrastructure revamp. As more and more Insurance firms merge with banks, they too begin to adopt large scale IT platforms to leverage the benefits of connectedness. We have worked with one of the top 5 banks in the world to create an application for their insurance division to assess the credit risk rating when it comes to investment decisions. We have also implemented this product in other smaller US investment banks in the past.

How We Help

We have helped Insurance firms are make technology investments to reduce costs and improve customer retention; Specifically in - multi-channel integration, data analytics and business intelligence, social media, fraud detection, legacy modernization and cloud computing. A major area of growth is "Pay as you Go" type products, facilitated by seamlessly connected devices via the Internet of Things.

GNTS works hand-in-had to modernize legacy systems, transform administrations systems and revamp customer facing claims portals. We Offer The Following Solutions

  •   CRM and Salesforce-based Transformations
  •   Ratings and Forms Modernization
  •   Business Rules Extraction and Analysis.
  •   Fraud and Claims Analytics
  •   Systems Consolidation
  •   Risk and Compliance Management
  •   Application Development: Apps crafted to handle every insurance industry scenario
  •   Testing Services: Comprehensive testing of ad campaigns and of user-facing systems
  •   Remote Teams: Remote support round the clock
  •   Internet of Things: Property Tags for vehicle insurance, dashboard cam integration as a service