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Enabling Lightning Fast Deployment

Often, there is a lag between the development practices followed by us and the IT policies and infrastructure that you already have in place. In this agile era, DevOps is something which no organization can fix this gap. DevOps truly changes the way you deploy business solutions within your organization.

We have in place a set of guidelines that prioritize teamwork and communication between programmers and your IT team while automating the process of module deployment and IT network changes.We establish a culture where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably. GNTS will help you in quicker rollout of industry standard DevOps rehearses in your organization.

Business Benefits:

  •   Improve customer experience
  •   Aligning IT and business
  •   Agility and increased speed to market
  •   Ready response to changing market and customer demands
  •   Incorporating feedback
  •   Better software stability and quality
  •   Team empowerment
  •   Improving ROI of data
  •   Greater business valuation

Our devOps Services and tools usually fit within one of the following areas as defined during the world devops conference in Belgium in 2009.

  •   Code Code development and review, version control tools, code merging;
  •   Build Continuous integration tools, build status;
  •   Test Test and results determine performance;
  •   Package Artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging;
  •   Release Change management, release approvals, release automation;
  •   Configure Infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools;
  •   Monitor Applications performance monitoring, end-user experience.

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