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Draw Insights and Visualize Patterns

GNTS realizes that making sense of data is both a science and an art. We know that it is not possible to ask a regular development team to provide enterprise level analytics. This is why we have a small, yet powerful team of business analysts, programmers, statisticians and UI/UX designers who will help you make sense of the enormous amount of data that your business generates.

Business Dashboards

A core component of our philosophy of BI dashboards is that they must allow easy access to data source. With this in mind, we design our dashboards in such a way that with a few clicks you can view the actual data with the source and make decisions based on it.

If you already have a system in place to capture data, we will add a Business Intelligence layer on top of the data, process it and display the Key Performance Indicators in easy to understand formats. We understand that KPIs differ for each firm and we have the flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements and also to use our experience to help you develop newer more relevant metrics.


In e-commerce stores mountains of data are being generated while businesses have no clue on the value they can extract from it. These stores typically have data regarding

  •   Customer demographics
  •   Social Media Habits
  •   Purchase Preferences
  •   Customer Visit Patterns
  •   Seasonal Pattern
  •   Effectiveness of Coupons, email marketing and other campaigns

Most stores do not use any of this valuable data while crafting their marketing strategy and product development strategy, At GNTS, our team can consolidate all of the above data within a single platform and then use it to draw insights that might surprise even you.

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